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PRASA, as the implementing arm of the National Department of Transport, the sole shareholder, is primarily focused on the mandate contained in the Legal Succession Act of South African Transport Services (SATS) Act of 1989, as amended in November 2008.

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PRASA unveils its mock-up train to the public

With approximately 11 of the rst 20 trains already in South Africa from Brazil and the construction of the train Manufacturing Factory well underway in Ekurhuleni for the reminder of the 580 car trains, PRASA is ready to unveil its mock up train to the public.

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PRASA welcomes the mock-up of the new train

PRASA has welcomed the mock-up of its new trains at Pretoria Station today. The Mock-up train, an exact replica of the newly purchased trains, will be open for public viewing at the end of July free of charge.


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