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Annual Reports

2012 - 2013

PRASA, as the implementation arm of the National Department of Transport, the sole shareholder, is primarily focused on the mandate contained in the Legal Succession Act of the South African Transport Services (“SATS”) Act of 1989 as amended in November 2008 ....

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PRASA transported 476 million passengers, in the last financial year, excluding passengers during the 2010 FIFA World Cup of these passengers 99,1% used commuter rail, 0,3% Shosholoza Meyl and ....

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The transformation of the South African Rail Commuter Corporation (SARCC) into the new Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa began in December 2004 ....

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It is an undeniable fact that transport is the heartbeat of the economy. Passenger transport, particularly commuter rail, plays an even more important role because it is a mass mover...

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The consolidation of Metrorail into the SARCC fold is still on-going and will naturally take a while to be concluded and bedded down, due to the size of our organisation...

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I am honoured to deliver my inaugural report as the Chairman of SARCC. It is good to be back at an institution that I first joined in 1995...

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The South African Rail Commuter Corporation has undergone significant changes in the past twelve months...

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