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Autopax: Translux | City-to-City

Autopax is the bus company which is a wholly owned subsidiary of PRASA, and has as its main object and business, the long distance road transportation of passengers. Autopax is operating the following established brands: Translux and City-to-City and runs on a commercial basis, transporting 2.6 million passengers per year on 50 000 bus trips, travelling a distance of 42,2 million kilometres per year.

The company had until recently operated with an aged bus fleet of approximately 152 buses. The fleet was recapitalised at the start of 2010/11, mainly as a strategic decision of its sole shareholder to provide support for the 2010 Soccer World Cup project. The size of the fleet increased to 722 buses with 500 new buses acquired. The mandate of Autopax is to consolidate its market share and operating on a fully commercial basis, support rail operations through effective feeder and distribution services and also to offer services to cities and municipalities in rural areas. The focus for Autopax is to determine the required fleet to sustain and expand the service in support of the turnaround strategy for the subsidiary given the competitive environment.

Translux A luxury long distance inter-city established operator, servicing more than 100 destinations throughout Southern Africa. Translux has double and single decker luxury coaches in its fleet, which are designed and built to world standards.

City to City A semi-luxury, no-frills long-distance operator, providing regional services to various destinations across South African. Its route network covers most parts of South Africa and crosses borders to neighbouring countries like Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. City-to-City has also committed to serve and provide long transport distance services to the mining communities. One of the major advantages of travelling with City-to-City is its affordability. Investments in new vehicles have further enhanced the level of comfort, safety and reliability.


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