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Transnet freight rail temping machine collides with new Metrorail train

On Saturday, the 1st of June 2019, at around 18:24, a Transnet Temping Machine (9001) busy with maintenance collided with the new Metrorail train (T8139) at Eerste Fabrieke Station. The temping machine rolled from Greenview back to Eerste Fabrieke station where the Metrorail train was stationery and carrying commuters on-board.


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MetroRail train arson suspect arrested

A man, suspected to have been one of the people identified in the CCTV footage taken at Cape Town station, where Metrorail train coaches were gutted by fire, has been arrested.






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PRASA participates in SARA Rail

The Southern African Railways Association (SARA) Conference will this year take place on Wednesday 22nd of May till Thursday, 23th of May 2019 at Ghallegher Convention Centre.







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