New PRASA board meets and appoints Acting GCEO


27 October 2020


The newly appointed Board of Control of the Passenger Rail Agency of SA (PRASA) has met virtually for the first order of business today. The meeting took a number of resolutions in line with the project of stabilising PRASA and turning the agency around. Today also marked the end of the tenure of the Accounting Authority Mr. Badisa Matshego, who had been seconded to the position for a limited period, as per the ruling of the Western Cape High Court. The Board took the following resolutions:


1. Group executive for Human Capital Management (HCM) Ms. Thandeka Mabija has been appointed acting Group Chief Executive Officer (AGCEO) with immediate effect. Ms. Mabija will act in the role for a period not exceeding three months. The process to recruit a permanent GCEO will begin immediately and will run concurrently with the headhunting process.

2. The Board will meet again on the 30th October 2020 to consider the agency’s Annual Report and the Annual Financial Statement.

3. The outgoing Accounting Authority will later make a formal handover to the Board of Control. The Board further thanked Mr. Matshego for holding the fort for the past few weeks since taking over from the erstwhile Administrator Mr. Bongisizwe Mpondo.


4. Only permanent officials may hold acting positions. The AGCEO has been further mandated to appoint suitable officials to act in vacant executive positions.


Said Mr. Ramatlakane of the Board decisions, “the turnaround and stabilisation of PRASA is continuing and being expedited. PRASA is a very important cog in the engine of the South African economy and the passenger rail agency serves the vulnerable in our society, which are low-income earners, job-seekers and poor people. “PRASA is too big and too important to fail. As the Board we will ensure that all that needs to be done is done to bring the agency back to full functionality,” concluded Mr. Ramatlakane.




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