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PRASA Granted RSR Safety Permit for 29 Months

The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa, welcomes the issuing of an operating permit by the Railway Safety Regulator, RSR. The RSR has issued PRASA with an
operating permit valid for 29 months.






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Launch of central line from the Nyanga To Langa Commuter Rail Service

Restoring passenger rail service in the country is a key priority that will put us back on a path towards the realisation of our long-term objective of positioning passenger rail as the backbone of our public transport system. 




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The Launch of the October Transport Month 2022

The October Transport Month is a period where we take stock of the path we have traversed as a sector and the contribution we have made towards the realisation of a better life for all. We do this by showcasing tangible projects we have delivered ranging from infrastructure to integrated public transport networks and rail manufacturing, amongst others.




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