About Us


PRASA is established in terms of Section 22 of the Legal Succession to the South African Transport Services Act on 2008 (as amended).  It is a public entity wholly-owned by Government and report to the Minister of Transport. The legal mandate directs PRASA to deliver commuter rail services in the Metropolitan areas of South Africa, long-distance (inter-city) rail and bus services within, to and from the borders of the Republic of South Africa. This mandate is implemented in consultation with and under the guidance of the Minister of Transport.



Provide safe, predictable, consistent, affordable and quality commuter rail, long-haul passenger rail and long-haul intercity bus services.



To be a recognised provider and manufacturer of safe and reliable public passenger services and products.



Fairness & Integrity

We treat our customers and our colleagues the same as we would like to be treated.



We work together with our colleagues to achieve a common goal and recognise each other’s strengths and contributions.


Service Excellence

We provide the kind of service that meets and exceeds customer expectations.



We ensure that we work safely, and our customers and colleagues are safe.



We share information with our customers and colleagues in an open and honest way.


Performance Driven

We are performance driven with the ability to venture into new areas of opportunity whilst offering a quality service to our customers.



Committed to delivering high quality passenger service on sustainable bases


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