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Autopax Profile


Niel Roesch

Mr. Niel Roesch

Chief Executive Officer


Autopax Passenger Services (SOC) Ltd has its origins in the passenger services provided by the former South African Road Transport Services, under the names of Transtate and Translux.  During the period after 1990, these two businesses were consolidated into the Passenger Services Division of Autonet, a division of Transnet.  Autonet was corporatised into the legal entity Autopax Passenger Services (Pty) Ltd.
Autopax Passenger Services (SOC) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Passenger rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA). Autopax operates two bus services, the luxury brand- Translux and semi luxury brand-City to City. In an effort to diversify revenue streams Autopax also operates a tailor made bus hire solution known as Autopax Charters.


  • Translux – a luxury long distance scheduled inter-city operator, servicing more than 100 destinations throughout Southern Africa
  • City-to-City, providing no-frills regional services to various destinations across South Africa and Mozambique.


As a subsidiary of PRASA, Autopax has the same Vision, Mission and Values.




  • To be the leader in road passenger transport solutions.



  • To be the preferred road passenger transport provider through quality service that is affordable


Business Overview

Autopax is a wholly owned subsidiary of PRASA, and has as its main object and business, the long distance road transportation of passengers.  The fleet size is 555 buses.
The mandate of Autopax is to consolidate its market share and operating on a fully commercial basis, support rail operations through effective feeder and distribution services and also to offer services to cities and municipalities in rural areas.
The focus for Autopax is to determine the required fleet to sustain and expand the service in support of the turnaround strategy for the subsidiary given the competitive environment.
A Turnaround Action Plan was conducted in 2011 to position the company towards its mandate and its focus. The following were some of the findings of the Autopax study:

  • The strategy was based on Growth and Expansion of Autopax business
  • Market share based on transported passengers is more than 30 percent
  • There is significant growth potential on domestic  and cross border market
  • A diversified regional structure has been implemented.
  • Several operational efficiencies need to be employed to reduce the cost structure and increase revenue. Significant optimization potential exists.
  • Diversified revenue streams need to be utilized to improve the financial position.
  • Autopax should embark on a product redefinition of its products.
  • The organizational structure was aligned in order to achieve the strategic goals.


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Committed to delivering high quality passenger service on sustainable bases


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