Business Mandate


A Brief Overview of PRASA Business

PRASA, as the implementing arm of the National Department of Transport, the sole shareholder, is primarily focused on the mandate contained in the Legal Succession Act of South African Transport Services (SATS) Act of 1989, as amended in November 2008.


The main objective and main business of PRASA is to:

  1. Ensure that, at the request of the Department of Transport, for rail commuter services are provided within, to and from the Republic in the public interest, and
  2. Provide, in accordance with the Department of Transport, for long haul passenger rail and bus services within, to and from the Republic in terms of the principles set out in section 4 of the National Land Transport Transition Act, 2000 (Act No. 22 of 2000)


The second objective and secondary business of PRASA is that:


  • PRASA shall generate income from the exploitation of assets acquired by it, which include real estate and property portfolio.


  • A further requirement is that, in carrying out its objectives and business, PRASA shall have due regard for key Government, social, economic and transport imperatives and policy objectives.

As a public entity, Government initiatives remain a strategy driver for PRASA. This is manifested through legislation, government policies and strategies, such as:


  • National Transport Policy
  • Public Transport Strategy
  • Legislation such as the National Land Transport Act
  • Green Paper on Rail, and
  • Economic Strategy and Job creation initiatives



Committed to delivering high quality passenger service on sustainable bases


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