Fleet Renewal Programme


The PRASA Fleet Renewal Programme is the catalyst for the transformation of Metrorail services and public transport as a whole. It is the beginning of the rollout of the Government’s Comprehensive Rail Programme over the next two decades. The Rolling Stock Fleet Renewal Programme has been designed to achieve a number of key Government objectives such as the delivery of quality services to citizens, revitalization of South Africa’s rail engineering industry through local manufacturing and ensuring local content (65% minimum local content is set) as part of the Government’s Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP2), employment creation and skills development as well as Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment.

PRASA’s effort to procure approximately 7 224 new rolling stock is well underway. Over the next twenty years, PRASA will spend R123.5 billion, with delivery on new trains expected from 2015. The feasibility study which was conducted in 2011 concluded that the Rolling Stock Fleet Renewal Programme will deliver 5256 coaches to satisfy existing rail passenger demand on the current network until the year 2020, 456 vehicles to satisfy growth in rail passenger demand to the year 2030 on the existing network and a possible further 1512 vehicles to satisfy long term rolling stock needs on new corridors to be constructed as part of future expansion of the existing network and the development of a new network. The procurement of new rolling stock is a critical component of PRASA’s mandate to provide for modernization and growth. PRASA has since appointed Gibela Rail Transport Consortium (Gibela) to supply 3600 new Metro Rail coaches at a cost amounting to R51 billion (subject to inflation and foreign exchange rate) over a 10 year period (2015 – 2025).


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