Moloto Rail Corridor


The Moloto Rail Project’s main objective is to ensure that passenger rail as the backbone of an integrated multi-modal transport system using proven state of the art rolling stock and equipment. In addition this rail project would serve as a catalyst for economic development initiatives within and around the Corridor resolving challenges of safety, efficiency, reliability, affordability and overall integration with other public transport services.


The Moloto Development Corridor has its main objective to increase speed for buses from 70km per hour to 120km/h and from 160km/h to 200km for standard gauge trains thereby reduce travel time for commuters.  This part of the government’s policy to develop an inter-modal transportation solution and involves the following catalytic projects:


  • 13 new train stations
  • Koedoespport Rapid Rail Alignment (117km of dual track)
  • Modal Integration Points
  • Surface 240km of feeder routes
  • Tshwane Bus Rapid Transit
  • New Dual 67km Carriageway from Siyabuswa to Moloto
  • Mamelodi East and Greenview Pienaarspport Alignment


Committed to delivering high quality passenger service on sustainable bases


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