PRASA keeps its safety permit


07 October 2018


PRASA is pleased to announce that the matter that was now in front of the courts has been stood down to next week Thursday, 11th October.


PRASA had approached the courts for an Interim Order to lift the suspension of the Safety Permit imposed by the Rail Safety Regulator (RSR).


Whilst commuter and employee safety is of extreme concern to PRASA, it acknowledges and accepts the role that RSR plays in ensuring this function is not compromised.


On 6th October PRASA issued a media statement informing the public that it was seeking to engage the Rail Safety Regulator (RSR) requesting the Regulator to reconsider its in intention to suspend the Safety Permit.


The decision by the PRASA Board and management to approach the courts was not arrived at lightly. PRASA sought to engage RSR to reconsider its decision and rather confine the suspension to the corridor when the accident took place.


Unfortunately, the meeting between PRASA and RSR, which was led by the Board Chairperson could not reach a solution, leaving PRASA with no option but to proceed with the court application.
Reacting to the decision to stand down the matter, the Chairperson of PRASA Board, Ms Khanyisile Kweyama, said “The decision to have the matter stand down now gives us and RSR more time to deal with all outstanding safety issues which are contained in the Safety Permit Conditions. We had sought an audience with the RSR Board in order to avert a national crisis, if this decision had been carried through”.


The PRASA Group CEO, Mr. Sibusiso Sithole, now believes that there is sufficient time to take stock on the progress made in the implementation of the RSR Safety Conditions. Mr. Sithole confirmed that the suspension will not apply until the court process has been finalised.


The reprieve granted by the court means there will be no interruption to the train service; Metrorail and long distance passenger service will run as normal. PRASA wishes to apologize to the commuters for any uncertainty that may have been caused by occasioned by the suspension of the Safety Permit.




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