Board announces the resignation of its interim group CEO


28 February 2019


The Board of Control of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) wishes to announce
to PRASA staff that it has today accepted the resignation of Mr. Sibusiso Sithole, who has stepped
down as the Interim Group CEO on 28 February 2019.

Mr Sithole was appointed to the position on 1 June 2018, has been at the helm of the organisation
for only nine (9) months when the Board agreed on a mutual separation upon his resignation.
Announcing his resignation, the Board Chairperson, Ms Khanyisile Kweyama, wished Sibusiso well
on his future endeavours.

Ms Kweyama said Sithole resigns at the time when on 10 February the Board advertised the
positions of Group CEO, CFO and other key Group Executives roles that had remained vacant for
quite some time. Ms Kweyama said; “The PRASA Board of Control remains committed to the goal
of getting PRASA back on track “.

While the search for GCEO is underway Ms Kweyama said the Department of Transport, as the
shareholder, has seconded Dr Nkosinathi Sishi to act as the Group CEO.

“Dr. Sishi is the Deputy DG: Public Entity Support responsible for Corporate Governance, Special
Projects, and Public Entity oversight. His experience will be valuable in keeping Prasa on Track as
the Board of Control continues the turnaround journey it has embarked upon”, said Ms Kweyama.
Dr. Sishi has more than 33 years of experience in the public service and has held key positions in
human capital development, skills development, leadership, project management, infrastructure
development, high stakes examinations, systemic evaluation, Labour Market Intelligence
research, monitoring and evaluation, and change management. Former national Head of schooling
assessment, National Head of Matric examinations, Head of National Vocational and Technical
Education Examinations, career and subject advisory, Deputy Director- General for Planning,
Policy and Strategy in Higher Education and Training, expert curriculum development advisor,
Thinking Skills Specialist, experience in assessment and systemic evaluation, and currently
Conducts oversight in public entities for the Transport sector.

As the Deputy Director General: Public Entity Oversight, Dr Sishi has been responsible for good
governance and oversight in 12 State Owned Enterprises including ACSA, ATNS, PRASA, SANRAL,
RTIA, SACAA, RTMC, CBRT, Ports Regulator, RSR, SAMSA and RAF, whilst serving on the PRASA
Board of Control as a Non Executive Director.

Responding to his appointment, Dr. Sishi said; “I do not take this appointment lightly and I am
humbled by the confidence given to me by the Minister of Transport and the endorsement by
the PRASA Board of Control accepting this secondment by the Shareholder. I will, at the earliest
convenience engage with the Group Executive to attend to the immediate challenges engulfing
the organisation. The time I have spent on the PRASA Board and my role as the Deputy Director
General responsible for oversight of the public entities in the transport sector has given me some
insight on the challenges ahead and the work that needs to be done”.

For the sake of good governance , Dr Sishi will step aside from the Board of Control during
his tenure as acting Group CEO. Minister of Transport will appoint a Department of Transport
representative to the Board as soon as possible.

We urge all employees to remain focused on the delivery of PRASA mandate and to give
unconditional support to the Acting Group CEO, Dr. Nkosinathi Sishi.

This Board made a promise that it will leave PRASA better than it found it and this is a promise it
intends to keep. Those employees who will stand in the way of this Board fulfilling that promise
will have no place in this organization. The time is now for those employees who are committed
to help us rebuild this organization to show themselves in a manner they know best and that is
to render an exceptional and unparalleled service to the commuters of this country. This Board
is committed to Play it’s Part to deliver on the programme of the President of the Republic of
turning around SOE’s for the benefit of the country’s economy. The Shareholder has made it clear
that there will be zero tolerance for corruption at entities, this Board will leave no stone unturned
to correct those corrupt practices that have destroyed the value of Prasa so badly.


Committed to delivering high quality passenger service on sustainable bases


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