President Cyril Ramaphosa launches the Western Cape trial trains


10 April 2019



“I am happy. You have made me happy by accelerating efforts to improve our railway system and infrastructure”. These were the words of the President when he launched the trial train operation to much fan- fare in the city of Cape Town yesterday. The event, which was attended by more than 500 people including media, marked the continuation of PRASA’s commitment to transforming passenger rail travel in South Africa. Speaking in front of a multitude of stakeholders in public transport, including commuter, labour and civic organisations, the President could not hide his excitement on this historic occasion and important milestones in the rollout of government infrastructure investment programme.

Guests were treated to a smooth train ride to and from Mowbray station before returning to Cape Station, whilst on-lookers along the corridor waved with envy as the train passed from one station to another.

PRASA will now commence with trial runs in Cape Town. The trials are aimed at conducting several assessments at key high density corridors, namely; the north corridor from Cape Town to Bellville; South corridor from Cape Town to Fishoek; and Central corridor from Cape Town to Langa.

The corridor trials readiness will help identify parts of the Metrorail Operations that will require modernisation and allow PRASA to assess quick-win routes, where commercial operations may begin.


Once the Trial Operations are completed and the relevant infrastructure is upgraded and modernised, PRASA will move to full commercial operations in the selected corridors allowing passengers to enjoy the new and modern passenger service.


Committed to delivering high quality passenger service on sustainable bases


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