PRASA Board Urges illegal occupiers to vacate rail tracks: Western Cape & Gauteng


01 February 2021


On 5 January 2021, PRASA Board led by its Chairperson Leonard Ramatlakane visited the Central Line (Langa) in Cape Town. The aim of the visit was to establish the basis upon which the rail tracks have been occupied.


In his engagement with the persons illegally occupying the tracks, Mr. Ramatlakane was informed by them that they had been sold the sites in PRASA’s operational tunnel for approximately R 9 000.00 (nine thousand rands). They declined to divulge from whom.

The Chairperson of PRASA confirmed that PRASA appointed at no time mandated any person to sell sites on the rails tracks as the said tracks are PRASA property and specifically demarcated for trains to ferry passengers to various destinations in the city. He reiterated that no PRASA rail tracks or any rail track in the country was demarcated for human settlement.


Furthermore the Chairperson of PRASA led a PRASA delegation to meet the Western Cape MEC for Human Settlements and the Executive Mayor of Cape Town to help find/identify a suitable site to relocate the illegal occupants; for their own safety and to enable PRASA to start much needed restoration of infrastructure.

Mr. Ramatlakane will today, 1 February 2021 and tomorrow, 2 February 2021 lead PRASA delegation to engage the community to vacate rail tracks in the Central Line in the Western Cape. PRASA wishes to resume the rail services on the Central Line in Cape Town and in Pretoria (Mabopane Line) and urges the community to vacate the rail tracks voluntarily and peacefully.

The central rail corridors are the region’s highest volume services PRASA is aware that since its trains are not in service transportation costs of commuters have escalated dramatically. Further it is in the interest of the public at large to have the trains back on rail tracks to relieve traffic congestion.


PRASA is ready to run train services from Cape Town to Langa and has appointed a team of consultants that will prepare designs and assist PRASA to manage the construction of walls along the PRASA servitude.

To this end tenders have already been advertised tenders to reinstate the power supply system so that trains are able to operate safely on the line. These infrastructure works cannot start in the areas where there are illegal land invasions and illegal settlements.

PRASA’s Chairperson urges the community to comply with the request to vacate rail tracks so that PRASA can commence its core business of rendering rail passenger services to the citizens. PRASA will temporarily use diesel locomotives whilst the process of repairing the infrastructure is underway.



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