PRASA Tech Profile


Hishaam Emeran
Chief Executive Officer


PRASA Technical is a division of PRASA. PRASA Technical was formed in April 2012 after the decision was taken by Government that PRASA must lead in the creation of a modern public transport entity that would be able to deliver quality passenger services on a more sustainable basis. This would ensure that all South Africans are able to participate and access the socio- economic activities of this country.

PRASA Technical is an integral part of the strategy of the PRASA Group, of ensuring that we deliver a modern transport system to all South Africans. We, as a division are tasked to improve and modernise the current Rolling Stock, modernise depots and strategic infrastructure of PRASA. This mandate will be achieved by implementing an integrated modernisation programme which covers, depot modernisation, perway upgrades, electrical sub-station upgrades, telecommunication system upgrades, platform correction and many others to achieve our objective of passenger comfort.

PRASA Technical as a division prides itself in the adoption of PRASA values in all that we do; in delivering service excellence, contribute towards the growth of the business and drive productivity in staff.

As a division we believe in the up-skilling of the workforce for their own development and for them to be ready when the new system comes in.


Committed to delivering high quality passenger service on sustainable bases


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