Procurement Scam Alert


State Owned Entities (SOE’s), government departments and a number of companies have been trying to deal with the difficulty of addressing procurement SCAMS which are taking place around the country.


Fraudsters would send fabricated RFQ forms from what would seem to be an official Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) email address. The fake RFQ forms will have a PRASA logo and contact details of the contact person.


Therefore, the PRASA would like to advise companies to verify the authenticity of all RFQ’s to avoid falling prey to these fraudsters.


How to identify a legitimate RFQ from PRASA (Email address should have the following domain):



where * can be initials+surname or name.surname


Alternatively, to verify the legitimacy of the RFQ kindly call our SCM department at

Tel:012 748  7291




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