Signaling Programme


PRASA has embarked on a process to replace all existing signalling interlocking, which consist mainly of obsolete mechanical and electro-mechanical systems, with electronic interlocking as the technology of choice. The project is divided into stages and phase due to funds being a constraint and operations and time playing a major role when embarking on a project of this magnitude. PRASA has signed three major contracts (with Siemens, for Gauteng, Bombardier for Durban and Thales Maziya for Western Cape. All these contracts are currently in the implementation phase. The scope of the re-signalling programme includes re-routing of services and elimination of bottle neck sections where possible; re-signalling the network using fully bi-directional signalling to increase operational flexibility; increase signalling headway capacity; and increase service speed in the A and B corridors.

Over the next three years, PRASA will spend R5.6 billion, with the expenditure expected to reach R1.8 billion in 205/16, R1.8 billion in 2016/17 and R1.9 billion in 2017/18. Spending is forecasted to increase significantly in the period ahead.


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