Station Modernization


This programme focuses on the modernisation of stations in the Modernization Corridors of the Rail network. One hundred and thirty five stations (135) were prioritized for Modernisation. PRASA has concentrated on stations, which have a high volume of commuters and have the potential to increase business revenue. Any improvements on these stations will translate into real benefit for commuters, improving the overall customer experience and adding value to the service offering by PRASA.
The Station Modernization programme has been allocated R 2.2 billion over the 2015 MTEF cycle, with R 723 million allocated for the 2015/16, R 764 million for the 2016/17 and R740 million for 2017/18. From the current 135 stations identified as priority stations, 28 stations are at various stages of development inclusive of the 4 third party (co-funded) projects; these being Leralla, Germiston, Roodepoort and Vereeniging. 


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