The new train to run between Johannesburg Park Station and Pretoria will start in June 2016 as this is the expected date for the new rolling stock to set off. With the arrival of new trains, most of the smaller stations in the Johannesburg and Pretoria line/corridor will need to be upgraded to ensure that customer experience is enhanced and that the stations can cope with future demands. Although the identified stations were functional, they still posed various health, fire and safety hazards due to their poor infrastructural conditions.

Accordingly, a total of 23 stations were identified under PRASA’s national improvement and upgrade programme to support the rolling stock. The 23 stations based on the report are Doornfontein, Ellis Park, Jeppe, George Goch, Denver, Tooronga, Cleveland, Geldenhuis, Driehoek, President, Knights, Ravensklip, Elandsfontein, Isando, Rhodesfield, Van Riebeek, Birchleigh, Kaalfontein, Pinedene, Irene, Centurion, Sportpark and Fonteine.

PRASA CRES, through the Executive Manager, SPPM PRASA CRES, instructed the project team to conduct a detailed assessment on the stations concerned, including the current conditions of the stations and the cost of upgrading the stations to fully operational train stations. The project team assessed the current state of the stations to determine the cost of rehabilitating the stations to operational standard. The condition and remedial assessments were carried out per station and the elementary cost breakdown is outlined in the report. The costing is based on the design, state and remedial requirements.

The construction, improvement and general upgrade is aimed at improving identified stations in the Johannesburg and Pretoria line/ corridor. Ultimately, objective of the upgrade was to ensure not only safety of our commuters but to enhance customer experience with the aim of increasing revenue, reliability and dependability of our services in future. Phase two of this project will be the fifteen (15) stations to be upgraded between Pretoria Station and Pienaarspoort Station in the North Gauteng Region. The stations are expected to be upgraded and improved within the next ten (10) months

Out of the 23 stations identified

13 Stations are complete and have been improved/upgraded. The 13 stations are Doornfontein, George Goch, Denver, Cleveland, Geldenhuis, Driehoek, President, Van Riebeek, Kaalfontein, Pinedene, Irene, Centurion and Sportpark,
1 station is under construction in Knights Station. Knights station is 50 % complete and construction is expected to be completed by the end of July 2015,
2 stations (Birchleigh and Rhodesfield) have been completed in 2013/14 financial year and does not require and additional construction ,works
at those respective stations and no commuters are expected to be at the stations. The alternative for the commuters around those particular stations are offered and does not leave commuters in a worse off situation. For instance Doornfontein relieves Ellis Park station. Doornfontein is at least 500 meters to Ellis Park station, so the closure of Ellis park station does not disadvantage commuters around Ellis Park because Doornfontein becomes an immediate alternative,
3 stations Tooronga, Jeppe and Ravensklip are under construction and anticipated to be completed by the end of March/April 2016,
The last two stations of the 23 identified stations remain Isando and Elandsfontein. The two stations require major upgrade and are likely to take longer than the other 21 stations. The contingency that PRASA had is that the works or upgrade start at the platforms, whereby the station and the train can move and stop at the two stations whilst the other parts of the stations are been attended to.