Framed by the purple perfection of jacaranda-lined streets, the heritage site that is Pretoria Station stands regally on Paul Kruger Street, its impressive Sir Herbert Baker architecture, stone walls and granite base dating back to 1910 forever preserved. A key public space in the city, it is a few metres from a significant monument in modern South African history, Freedom Park, celebrating the end of apartheid.

The station precinct is dominated by high-rise government buildings, corporate offices and residential accommodation. Serving a wide catchment area of commuters, the station has become a destination that offers restaurants, coffee shops, and convenience products and services for travellers on the go. The new Station Piazza extends the shopping experience while serving as a walkway to the Gautrain Station.

Another world-class facility is taking shape with upgrade of the luxury coach hub. Pretoria Station is home to 14 bus operators that contribute about 70% of its revenue. The project will expand and modernise the office space and create a communal sitting area for passengers, based on the international standards of comfort and convenience.